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sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2010

Andrew - Chaper 135, early draft

Lizzy was dating this douchebag called Charlie. Or such was Andrew's assessment of the situation. Charlie would constantly fail to answer her calls and take random 'guys night outs' whenever she'd try to make him go out with her friends. So tonight was just the two of them. Not that Andrew was complaining or anything. He and Lizzy hadn't hit it in quite a while and even though he in no way resented his best friend position, he always kept his hopes up.
Lizzy drove to Andrew's apartment and they took the B from 7th Ave. Station to Grand St. From there they went to this karaoke bar in Chinatown where they could have some drinks and laughs. It was a very slow night and for the first hour or so they had the stage mostly to themselves. So they laughed and teased and sang songs from back when they were freshmen, happier times when Andrew fell in love with her and she was too dazed out of a relationship to think of him as anything but a friend. Andrew reflected things were not so different from a couple of years ago.
They took the Q on Canal St. back to his place and Lizzy announced she was plastered and could she please sleep on his couch. So Andrew went into his room to get her some blankets and the pillow he kept just for just these circunstances and she was smoking on the balcony when he got back. He snuck past the balcony, got a couple of beers in the fridge and came back to sit outside with her.
- Are you trying to make me even drunker than I already am ? - asked Lizzy
- I don't believe it possible, Elizabeth.
- You're so predictable, Andy. You always call me Elizabeth when you're trying to kiss me.
- I do?
- Every single time.
- Is predictable bad Liz?
She stared into his eyes as she answered - No, Andy, it isn't bad at all. - And so he kissed her.
They lost track of time in the balcony, their beers long stale, just enjoying each other's company. It must have been at least an hour before Liz finally spoke. She once again stared intently into Andrew's eyes and asked:
- Pick a number, Andrew: one or two ?
Andrew mused - One might be a lonely number, but it's my lucky one.
- You win - answered Lizzy - Lets bring this party to your bedroom.

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